Saturday, December 10, 2011

I dream’t I stood at Calvary

I dream’t I stood at Calvary 
And saw three crosses there; 
On the left and right were nailed two thieves 
The cross between was bare. 

The soldier took his sword in hand 
Then pointed it at me, 
He said, "You there, prepare to die 
That cross is meant for thee." 

I quickly fell upon my knees 
For mercy did I cry, 
As strong hands grabbed my hands and feet 
I shouted, "Why, oh why?" 

And then a voice both soft and sweet 
Was heard above the din, 
"Let this one go, take me instead 
I'll pay his price for sin." 

With His body torn and bleeding 
And thorn marks round His head, 
With bruises where they beat Him 
He stepped into my stead. 

Then Jesus laid upon the cross 
His life did freely give, 
That all my sins be washed away, 
And through His death, I'd live. 

He stretched His arms out open wide 
No struggle did He make, 
As they prepared to nail Him there 
His life they meant to take. 

They drove the spikes in His hands and feet 
And slammed the cross in place, 
His bones were shaken out of joint 
And blood ran down His face. 

"Forgive them, Father," was His cry 
"They know not what they do," 
God must have wept when He realized 
He sacrificed His only Son for YOU. 

When I awoke, the night had passed, 
And sunshine flooded in, 
I cried, "Dear Lord, forgive me please 
And cleanse me of my sin. 

For You sent down Your only Son 
A ransom for the lost, 
And I see You included me 
When counting out the cost." 

Yes I dreamt I stood at Calvary 
And saw those crosses three, 
Yet no longer do I need to fear 
Knowing Jesus died for me.

Author Unknown


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